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    OTN Mission (Database ) stuck in 99%

    L. Fernigrini

      I've seen the threads OTN Mission not updating percentage and A possible glitch in the Reputation/Missions feature and I believe I have the same issue. Some of months ago (two or three) I remember reviewing the missions (I do not follow them too much...) and I was at a 99% on the "Database Master" mission.


      When I reviewed my profile last week I saw that I was still at 99% but then after viewing the thread I mentioned earlier I supposed that I cuould have the same issue, I take a look and found three questions that should have marked as correct fulfilled that mission on the last couple of months (besides other questions marked as correct on other spaces):


      Also, I noticed that the total points shown on the header section does not match the total in the board, and probably that's because a couple of answers were not correctly registered.


      Profile / Heading points indicators:


      Leaderboard Indicator:


      Can anyone take a look and verify if this is an error (once the general Inbox issue is solved, obviously) ?