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    Prompt value is set to default


      Hello Experts,


      We are facing an issue where prompt value is getting reset to "select values" whenever we are selecting the other prompt value.


      Detail issue:-

      We have a month prompt > constrained on Quarter and Year - (default value is showing as current month based on SQL result)

      Quarter prompt > Constrained on Year - (default value is showing as current quarter based on sql result)

      Year prompt > showing last two year (2016, 2017, 2018). (default value as current year based on sql result)


      --All this time prompt has been created on Departure date, by extracting year, quarter and month from departure date.

      However in the Subject area we have dedicated time dimension.


      We have other prompts too like Region, sub region, unit, department etc.


      Now issue is whenever user is selecting any region value or sub region or any value from other prompts then the value of month prompt is getting reset to "select values".


      However when for testing I have created the same prompt form time dimension with same formula and its working fine(month value is not getting reset).


      I am wondering why the value for month prompt created from Departure date by extracting month is getting reset.



      Thanks for your help.