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      • 15. Re: A possible glitch in the Reputation/Missions feature

        Hi Chitrasai1-Oracle,




        I haven't got any reply marked as correct after the fix. Yes, the helpful answers are moving forward.


        I observe from what the system shows that 97 correct and 148 (+1 after the fix) helpful answers are registered for my profile. If you recall, you did set the 100/100 mission as completed while back. So, I should not be seeing 97 (it is what initiated this thread. Please see the initial post of this thread).


        It seems, the system has ignored any correct or helpful answers (in Database space) for my profile since something like mid August till the fix (three and half months)??? By the way, the same concern was raised when you set the 100/100 mission as complete. Not sure if this is what implied in your previous reply.


        From the screenshots, I already have over 150 replies marked as correct and 200 replies as helpful and most of them were from Database space. So, at least to me,


        (1) it is still calculating the numbers incorrectly for Database space


        (2) the correct/helpful answers are registered/recorded in multiple places where one captured all while the other was buggy.


        My expectation over all these days since the initial post, the issue would be resolved. Right now, this leaves me a ... customer.




        • 16. Re: A possible glitch in the Reputation/Missions feature

          Hi mNem


          Agree with you.I completely understand .

          During a period of time database missions had issues in calculating the correct/helpful answers.Now it  looks fixed.


          I will look if i can do anything to recompense it.

          • 17. Re: A possible glitch in the Reputation/Missions feature

            It's alright.


            Thanks anyway.




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