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    Glitch on won a badge but not won a badge

    Robert Angel



      when I clocked off yesterday I left my total points at 55650.


      This morning they were 55750.


      Curious as to what had happened I looked at my points and discovered I had been marked correct on one of the BI forums, the Planning and Budgeting under the EPM and BI space.


      Knowing I had a mission that was on 99% where one more answer would make it 100% I also checked that and was surprised to see that it was indeed now 100%.


      Surprised because the mission carries a 2000 point award and 55750 - 55650 = 100, not 2100


      Curious I then checked if I could display the badge in my 'Me in 3' - and no it is not there either....


      The badge is as below, can anyone kindly help please?