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    Branching from an existing thread


      Is it me, or is something not working as expected with the thread branching mechanism? I wrote a reply in a thread (that I had started), then I clicked on the Branch link under Actions, and I got to something that looked like this:



      Branch Message


      Branching messages into a new discussion allows you to split off irrelevant or off-topic messages into a new line of conversation. Use the form below to enter a subject for the new discussion then click "Branch to New Discussion" to create the new discussion.






      I clicked in the subject area to change the subject, but that area is not editable. So what does "Use the form below to enter a subject for the new discussion" mean? Was the intent that the subject should be editable? It isn't.


      What I ended up doing was to "Branch to New Discussion", then edit the new discussion to change the subject. Not a big deal, but just wanted to know if I did something wrong.