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    #Friday Fun


      Hi all,


      Happy Christmas!!!.Hope most of you have started your holidays .



      Question of the week


      What would you like Santa Claus to gift you this Christmas?





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          Happy holidays everyone!


          If you like engines and airplanes, perhaps you also like the following documentary:



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            Dreams do not always come true, as a nine-year-old German boy from Zetel found out on Christmas morning. Enraged by his poor selection of Christmas presents, he was not content to react with a thin smile and grudging "thank you" and called the police instead. "The officers arrived and found a very angry little boy," said a spokesman from the local police in Zetel, in northwestern Germany, according to the Nordwest Zeitung newspaper.


            The police played along and launched an "investigation" into the case. They compared the Christmas list provided by the boy and concluded that the gifts do indeed not match. The police then embarked on a family mediation session and managed to resolve the dispute by persuading the junior that Santa must have mistaken his list for that of someone else, due to his respectable age.

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              An extra week of vacation (where I don't have to work).