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    apex export including private reports

    Mary Bagir

      Hi guys,

      we are moving apex applications from one production to another production. I'm using sqlcl.

      I run generated script


      set heading off

      set pagesize 0

      spool export_apex.sql




      after I export_apex.sql

      All application are missing private reports.

      How export apex application including private reports using sqlcl?


      Thanks Mary

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          Gaz in Oz

          Please MOVE your post to the correct forum by clicking on "Move" under ACTIONS in the top right of the post.

          Oracle Application Express (APEX)

          You will get specific APEX help from there on how to properly export stuff.

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            Mary Bagir

            Hi Gaz,

            I know how export apex application from apex builder to include private reports. Apex Builder default export not included private reports, but it can be change by check box include before start export. I thought something like this in sqlcl apex export command exists too.

            Thanks Mary

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              Gaz in Oz

              Ah, ok so the sqlcl APEX options (in are:

              SQL> show version
              Oracle SQLDeveloper Command-Line (SQLcl) version:
              SQL> apex export
                  -applicationid:    ID for application to be exported
                  -workspaceid:      Workspace ID for which all applications to be exported or the workspace to be exported
                  -instance:         Export all applications
                  -expWorkspace:     Export workspace identified by -workspaceid or all workspaces if -workspaceid not specified
                  -expMinimal:       Only export workspace definition, users, and groups
                  -expFiles:         Export all workspace files identified by -workspaceid
                  -skipExportDate:   Exclude export date from application export files
                  -expPubReports:    Export all user saved public interactive reports
                  -expSavedReports:  Export all user saved interactive reports
                  -expIRNotif:       Export all interactive report notifications
                  -expTranslations:  Export the translation mappings and all text from the translation repository
                  -expFeedback:      Export team development feedback for all workspaces or identified by -workspaceid to development or deployment
                  -expTeamdevdata:   Export team development data for all workspaces or identified by -workspaceid
                  -deploymentSystem: Deployment system for exported feedback
                  -expFeedbackSince: Export team development feedback since date in the format YYYYMMDD
                  -expOriginalIds:   If specified, the application export will emit ids as they were when the application was imported
                  -split:            Split the exported file
                  -splitFlat:        Split with no directory strucure
                  -splitUpdate:      Generate update.sql file while splitting
                  -splitNoCheckSum:  Overwrite all files
               Application Example:            apex export -applicationid 31500
               Workspace Example:              apex export -workspaceid 9999
                Instance Example:               apex export -instance
               Export All Workspaces Example:  apex export -expWorkspace
               Export Feedback to development environment:
                       apex export -workspaceid 9999 -expFeedback
               Export Feedback to deployment environment EA2 since 20100308:
                       apex export -workspaceid 9999 -expFeedback -deploymentSystem EA2 -expFeedbackSince 20100308

              ...do an "apex export" via your version of sqlcl to see what options are available for that version.