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    Not able to see or post content on Oracle Support Accreditation Community



      Dear All,


      I'd like to know if some of you are getting issues when reading content from the Accreditation Community and how it has been resolved. Currently the only page I can read is the list of People. Other pages such All Content, Documents, Discussions, etc.. are blank with the following message: There is no content in this space.   URL is https://community.oracle.com/community/support/oracle-support-accreditation


      Recently I had an issue with my MOS and Primavera badges (a banner is being displayed on each and they're now set to expire) and as a result of this issue I'm unable to post, follow up or even find issues related to my MOS accreditation badges.


      Fig.1 All Content Page - There is no content in this space.  




      Fig 2. -  The Discussions Page - Although I haven't applied any filter I see filter related message " There is no content matching the filters that you have selected"


      Also I was trying to reach a post related to troubleshooting the accreditation badges (I got a banner that sets my MOS  accreditations to expire) but I was unable to reach the post.  Of course, this might be or not part of the problem, in case I got restricted to post on the Community. URL is https://community.oracle.com/thread/4189425


      Fig 3. - Access to thread 4189425




      Thank you all in advance for your replies.


      Hugo Cardozo