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    About Preparation Study Books for 1Z0-071 Exam


      Hello There Community,
                                                   One year a go I prepared my 1z0-061 exam and I succesfully approved it. Nowadays, I want to achieve the Oracle SQL Certified Associate with the exam 1z-071, who has more topics than 1z-061. So, the thing is that i bought particulars books for my exam preparation. I wanna know if u guys have read one of this and what is your opinion about them.  Also, if you have any recomendation about another book who helped you to approved  the exam and know more about SQL, let me know what it is to check it on internet. Thank u!


      The books are:


      1)  Oracle 12c: SQL: Joan Casteel

      2)  Oracle Database 12c SQL: Jason Price

      3)  OCA Oracle Database SQL Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-071) (Oracle Press) : Steve O'Hearn.