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    can i use community as an alternate to myforums to share information on product support internally withing oracle?


      We were using myforum to share information between front line L1 customer support and L3 support/ product developers. As myforum is nearing end of life, looking for alternates. Whom should i ask? Is there a way i can import information from my forums to here?


      We have a hierarchy of RGBU products with each product, we have 3 forums(channels, performance,functional,archived) in a structured manner.

      ex.. https://myforums.oracle.com/jive3/forum.jspa?forumID=2945&start=0


      Is there any one point of contact i can get in touch to answer queries?


      1. Is there any end of support published for community.oracle.com? We intend to use for long term and let us know if any plans to discontinue this if any.

      2. any support for migrating existing data?

      3. What is the best way to create the product structure and start using this channel/message/threads?

      4. Is there a status to indicate message is closed/resolved/open?