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    OWB VLD-1134 : Locations are invalid after Modul Import

    Benjamin Frankly Maybe

           Hello Community,

           I'm trying to transfer an OWB Projekt from one Database to another. I have imported all relevant Objects that are part of the project (Tables, views, packages) using impdp. I have used the migration tool to export the OWB Metadata from the source server. I then imported the projekt in the owb instance on the target server. Everything fine so far. On the target server I have created a location with exactly the same name. But once I try to deploy any object I get VLD-1134. I checke the configuration of the objects and in the drop down the correct location is selected (with the same name as on source server). I can open a drop down to change location but to no avail. It is the correct location. I checked the location in repository browser and everything is fine with it. I tryed to change the location of the modul but I can't. I have read. I wonder anyways why I have to redeploy all objects. All packages are imported with impdp I don't need this step but all objects are not in status deployed anymore after the import.









      Nothing works. Nothing even described my problem. The correct location is selected and the location is valid but it does not work either. It tells me something of the location beeing part of a different module but I can't change that. I just want to export my OWB Metadata and Import it to another server. Anyone has any valid way (without dropping all objects on the target server) to do this?