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    How to use Custom Authentication and still create users using apex_util.create_user


      I asked this question in one of my previous threads in another context, but no answer.

      What I want is simple: We have LDAP Authentication. And I want to create users in Apex Table using APEX_UTIL.CREATE_USER.

      This was possible in one of previous versions, but now in Apex 18.1 you get an error. "User so so... requires ADMIN privilege to perform this operation."

      The constraint is you have to connect to the APP using the integrated Apex Accounts Authentication  before you can create a user.


      I was referred to this feature "Switch in Session"


      For this to work you must have 2 buttons on login page. One that switches the Authentication to Apex Auth. Schema and the other to really login.

      But the problem is that you can no more use your LDAP credentials to connect.


      So I need help please from the apex experts....


      BTW this is my custom Authentication function