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      Hie everyone Hope u are doing great.

      I got an error ((

      Exception Exception in module PM.exe at 000000000224E6E2

      POPULATE_DELAY_LOADING failed -1:Erro.))

      But Couldn't figure out its solution so kindly help me if have any idea regarding it

      Thanks and Regard


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          Welcome!  The Community Feedback space is intended for discussions about the Oracle Community website, not for product-specific questions.

          There are tips on how to find the correct space on the Getting Started  page, which also has instructions on how to change your display name so you're not just a number.

          In the ACTIONS box on the top right of your post, you should be able to click on "Move", and then specify the correct space, so the right experts can see your question.  (A moderator here may move the post for you if you specify which Oracle product you're using.)

          Thanks and good luck!

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            L. Fernigrini

            Hi, as the forum header clearly states..

            This is not a place to post question regarding issues or errors in Oracle Products.


            Please move the question to the appropriate forum, including product details like full version and platform.

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              The first post 5 years after registration? Are you sure this is your account, or are you testing possible spamming options?