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    Data missing in random columns after in-place upgrade to


      Note: this is a follow-up to this older discussion:Data missing in random columns in Analyses (12c , intended to document a new bug with the - in-place upgrade.


      We had a bug back in 2017 regarding data missing randomly from analyses after upgrading from 11g to See the discussion above for details.


      I just want to document here for any searchers that this problem can re-occur after an in-place upgrade to There are no patches for it, as opatch will tell you that you don't need any of the patches that Oracle Support will suggest. An out-of-place upgrade will not exhibit the problem.


      Our own troubleshooting narrowed the problem down to this file:


           [DOMAIN HOME]/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/core/ddpath.properties


      There is only a single line in that file:




      That value should be (but is not) updated by the Upgrade Assistant to this:




      Once we manually made that change and restarted, the missing columns reappeared. We have asked Oracle to issue a bug ticket for this issue, as Upgrade Assistant correctly updated all ODBC.INI entries to point to the new 8.0.2 drivers, but it failed to update ddpath.properties.