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    APEX 18.2 - Interactive grid detail view image display in Card template issue


      Has anyone seen/solved this issue on an Interactive Grid detail view #orclapex 18.2 - When displaying images in Detail View as cards browsers picks up this bad boy in console log?


      It is easy to reproduce on apex.oracle.com


      1. Import latest IG cookbook if not already installed

      2. Navigate to page 20

      3. Add a column into SQL query as '#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#XXXXXXXXX.gif' img_src

              make sure you change XXXXXX.gif with an existing file or do this for the whole URL pointing to an image

      4. update IG Attributes For Each Row by adding your img tag

         I did it on this line

        <div class="t-Card-titleWrap"><h3 class="t-Card-title">&NAME.</h3><img src="&IMG_SRC." /> </div>


      This should do. Otherwise any IG region (with card template) and an image url used will cause the same problem.

      Anyone with an idea how to work around it.


      Other than that IG and the page work fine. No JS errors or similar.


      Live example https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=30846:20


      A bonus points go to person who helps with how to listen for change/refresh on  Detail view?


      Highly appreciated.