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    What is the difference between My Oracle Support Community, Oracle Groundbreakers, and Cloud Customer Connect?

    Jennifer B-Oracle

      Oracle features a broad community ecosystem in which customers and partners can obtain assistance with their use of Oracle products and services.  The following is designed to provide some background on the different communities available, and what differentiates them.


      My Oracle Support Community is an offering that is available to users/customers/partners as part of their support licensing.  If a user’s SSO login is approved by a Customer User Administrator to have MOS access (for the purposes of logging service requests, searching the knowledge base, accessing patches, etc.), then that user is also provisioned for the My Oracle Support Community.  Global Customer Support takes an active role in moderating and maintaining content in MOSC, and we establish response and value KPIs, etc. to ensure that customers receive expert assistance from both Oracle support personnel and the valued customers who share their knowledge here.


      The Oracle Developer Community, now called Oracle Groundbreakers, is a community established for any and all users of Oracle products, regardless of support contract status.  Anyone can set up an account here (with a valid email address login) and receive assistance from the broader Oracle user base.  It is frequented by Oracle development personnel (as opposed to support) who wish to maintain a community presence.  There is a fairly broad crossover of product coverage between MOSC and Groundbreakers, and we have customers who participate in both.   (As a side note, both MOSC and Groundbreakers are hosted on the same Jive instance, which does allow sharing of our overall gamification/points model, etc.  This does open up the possibility, however, that users may inadvertently cross over from MOSC into Groundbreakers, and vice versa, as they navigate!  Always keep in mind that My Oracle Support Community spaces and subspaces have 'MOSC' somewhere in the space name, so using this one simple rule should help keep you oriented.)


      Cloud Customer Connect is an offering that arose in acknowledgment of the fact that Oracle customers using cloud services are likely to have very different needs and questions than users of Oracle’s on-premise products.  There is some crossover in coverage, as noted; this generally happened wherever a long-standing on-premise product group within Oracle (one with heavy presence in MOSC historically) developed a related cloud service and had a need to support both types of customers.  In this situation, you are likely to see community boards/forums for these cloud services in both locations (MOSC and Cloud Customer Connect).  One such example of this is Oracle Engagement Cloud. Other Cloud Services developed within Oracle on their own and may not have had a pre-existing on-premise solution (often in the case of Oracle cloud service acquisitions), and thus no pre-existing MOSC involvement.  In these cases, the community presence was hosted in Cloud Customer Connect from the start.   If you do not see representation in MOSC for your specific cloud service, it is very likely that Cloud Customer Connect has you covered.


      All of these communities are an excellent source of knowledge and expertise, and we thank all of our users -- both customers and Oracle professionals -- for the contributions they provide.