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    File adapter


      Dear team,


      We are using OSB12.2.1.3 . Our  requirement is to perform Sync read on the file  from a path /env/incoming  and move the file to /env/processed if file is processed or  move file to/env/error if errored out.


      We want to acheive this by using 2 file adapters one for sync read and other for file move.


      File adapter is configured to read from directory /env/incoming 


      File adapter is configured to move file from /env/incoming   to /env/processed .Business service is created


      Now in exceptional handling ,we have to get the target  ( /env/processed)directory configured for File adapter for move operation, perform substring and concat with error so that  target directory will be  /env/error


      Can you pls suggest how to get TargetDirectory configured in fileadapter.



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          Hi, Whether the target directory is going to be static one i.e. /env/error ?


          Rgrds, Raj

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            Martien van den Akker



            In the Request pipeline of the Routing activity or Service Call-out, add a Transport Header activity.


            Then set the jca.file.Directory to a value, as follows:

            You would type in the property. A set of possible values can be found if you do the same in an Invoke activity in BPEL:


            So, using a Transport Header activity, you can also set the FileName.