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    SOA 12.1.3 jca.retry.count not working


      hi All,


      I am using SOA 12.1.3 version and there is a simple database select operation which I want to retry in case of a remote failure.There is a query timeout value of 300 is also set.

      I want to do a retry for 4 times at an interval of 5 min.There is no Fault policy used.I am trying to achieve at adapter property level only.


      My approach:

      1.retry.interval = 300

         retry.count= 4



      but retry happened only once.


      Retry works fine when the jca prperty values are set to default as below





      Is there any other retry interval that is restricting this when we set the interval to 300?I have set below as well to match my jca.property at composite level.


      • GlobalTxMaxRetry : 4
      • GlobalTxRetryInterval : 300

      Can anybody suggest what is happening here?