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    Workstation 5A & Simphony

    Christian Lupprich-Oracle

      Can a Workstation 5A with WinCE be used for Simphony 2?

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          Christian Lupprich-Oracle

          Workstation 5A with WinCE needs an upgrade kit if used for Simphony 2


          • 000136-021-PT Workstation upgrade with POS ready license, SSD, and 1 GB SODIMM for MICROS Workstation 5A with Microsoft WinCE (with 128 GB SSD and POSReady 7 license)
            Note: OS Image not included - needed Consulting service


          Simphony requires the full 2GB of RAM to run. Because the upgrade kit only comes with 1GB RAM and if you have any WS5A CE units running 512MB of RAM, you will need an additional 1GB RAM stick.

          There are only two RAM slots on the WS5A motherboard so both these need to be filled with 1GB RAM sticks.


          POerhaps you should discuss with the customer purchasing a new workstation 600 series instead of spending the money  and time to have the WS5a upgraded to be compatible. The cost of the upgrade kit and labor may justify spending a little bit extra to get a brand new (and better) workstation.

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            Mohamed H Tawfik

            HI Christian


            just wanted to follow up with you that this upgrade kit is still available as an option for customers wanting to install Simphony latest version 18.2?




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              Christian Lupprich-Oracle

              Hi Mohamed,

              sorry for the delay - yes, this is still one option, but it has to be checked, if the performance after the upgrade will fit customers expectations.


              Regards Christian