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    Simphony 2.9 SSL Requirements

    Nemoto Akito - Oracle-Oracle

      Four Seaons is internally reviewing their POS servers setup and SSL certificate requirements. They have some questions. Based on the below criteria, can you help us find out if a certificate is an application requirement for installation?


      1. Simphony 2.9+.

      2. On-Premise Installation

      3. 1 POS Server - Does this need need an SSL certificate?

      4. 1 CAPS Sever - Does this need need an SSL certificate if it connects to an on-premise credit card processor machine? What if the CC processor machine is external?

      5. 1 Transactions Services Machine - Does this need need an SSL certificate?


      In criteria 3-5, if the servers hosting those functions do require certificates, can you please find out some details on what is supported or required?


      If they require certificates, I am assuming they would use standard TLS certificates with a signing algorithm of sha256RSA, a signature hash algorithm of sha256, and a minimum public key size of 2048bits but if those assumptions are wrong or there are additional features required, such as authentication under Enhanced Key Usage, then we need to know about those requirements or limitations on what is supported.


      Is there customer facing documentation for this?