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    ZoomLetter Bookassist

    Dario Galvan Jimenez-Oracle

      Customer with Opera V5 on premises is asking about the Zoomletter tool provided by Bookassist. It is connected to Opera V5?

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          Dario Galvan Jimenez-Oracle
          • The only interface Bookassist is currently having is the ADS interface which can be connected against ORS or OHDCS (My Fidelio). This interface was designed to connect to the Bookassist distribution Channel Manager to connect to OTA. We send availability rates and inventory to  Bookassist and they send us reservations with profiles. For Zoomletter it is important that all customer profiles are available on Bookassist as well. This is not   available today with the interface to Bookassist.
          • We confirm with Bookassist that is having a certified interface. Just with limited data exchange as described already.