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    PGX 19.1.0 OTN release


      Hi all,


      I'm happy to announce availability of PGX version 19.1.0 on the OTN: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oracle-labs/parallel-graph-analytix/downloads/index.html


      What's new in PGX 19.1.0, released on March 7, 2019

      • Distributed execution mode:
        PGX 19.1.0 reintroduces distributed execution mode functionality and adds several new features
        • PGQL 1.1 support
        • Server-side data structure support
        • Two Tables RDBMS support
        • Partial support for graph build API
        • Support for graph cloning as well as sharing/publishing of graphs
      • Shared-memory execution mode:
        PGX 19.1.0 introduces several new features also for the shared-memory execution mode.
        • PGQL 1.2 support
        • New API to execute multiple tasks from the same session concurrently
        • BETA: Support for heterogenous graphs
        • BETA: Support for updating existing vertex and edge properties through PGQL
        • BETA: New API to execute PGQL queries that modify the graph
        • BETA: External Stores for offloading graph properties to e.g. Elasticsearch and enabling specialized operations of these stores, e.g. text search

      A detailed list of new features can be found here.