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    BRM JCA adapter for use in SOA Suite composite or OSB services


      Is there an existing, packaged BRM JCA adapter that can be deployed on Weblogic and leveraged by composite and OSB services that supports BOTH standard and custom BRM opcode/flist execution?


      I'm not a BRM resource and have little knowledge of it. We've inherited a suite of java based REST services that are connecting to BRM via the PCM/PFC libraries. The java implementation creates/maintains BRM CM connectivity, as well as detecting BRM CM connectivity issues and implementing fail over strategies in that event (in environments where the BRM application is clustered).


      My group primarily works with the SOA suite, with a strong emphasis on OSB services. As part of our roadmap, we need to:

      1. support the existing java REST implementation

      2. explore options/mechanisms for migrating these java REST services (and any new services required) to an OSB solution


      BRM version is 7.5

      SOA Suite 12c