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    Oracle Hotel Mobile problems

    Bayram Guldibi



      We are installing Oracle Hotel mobile to Opera and Suite8 customers but at each of the installations we are facing with different problems.

      Windows client, iPad, iPhone and android features are not working properly when a common function is working on a device it is not working at the other.


      We have found a custom "Oracle hotel mobile document" in MOS for Suite8 :"Oracle Hospitality Hotel Mobile Suite8 Information and Configuration Guide (Doc ID 2194336.2) "


      Also we get below information from Suite8 team. 


      "We noticed that the behavior of iOS with large from factor (iPad) tries to load a lot of data at the same time.

      It therefore uses several sessions connecting to the IIS at the same time. (Windows and Android load the data differently.)"


      Is anybody have a troubleshooting document for Oracle Hotel Mobile problems?


      I am adding some of existing problem at a live site


      Opera version 5.4.02 e26

      RestApi: 1.3

      Windows app: 1.3

      There are some issues and requests, i did list down before i escalate them to MOS, maybe you know already


      1. 1. On dashboard Expected Checkin count always ZERO !  even there are arrivals  both from windows app and IPAD
      2. 2. Arrivals are listed but could not edit the reservations both from windows app and IPAD
      3. 3. The maintenance photo did not display again even it is added successfully?




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          Hi Bayram,


          Thank you for your question and feedback.


          We are experiencing an increase of questions raised via e-mail by consulting for Hotel Mobile. As you know, knowledge shared via e-mail between individuals is not accessible to a wide audience and gets lost after a while. We need to find ways to reduce this and therefore, we are encouraging consulting to use a common platform for any questions related to Hotel Mobile installation. This also include documentation on troubleshooting.


          You can also visit Oracle Help Center for product information:

          • Release Notes
          • Installation and Configuration Guide
          • Smartphone and Tablet User Guide


          For those problems you listed please raise an SR, so our support can properly look at the issues.


          Kind regards,




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            Bayram Guldibi

            Hi Suzzette,


            Thank you for the information. We believe that there must be other than the consultancy, proper training and troubleshooting guide.

            The document prepared for the Suite8 in the My Oracle support  has below note. How can we now that we should disable Dashboard for the version 1.0 if we don't have a document? And if there is not document & training for troubleshooting and knowledge is hidden somewhere how can we talk about consultancy?

            We need a resource for troubleshooting for both Opera and Suite8.


            "iOS device can’t connect to HM, Error message something like “Communication failure”?

            o Is the RestApi version 1.0? Deactivate the feature “Dashboard” in the config file"