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    Previous Month MTD and Previous Year same Month MTD in rpd


      Hi All,


      We are trying to create MTD, Previous Month MTD and Previous Year same month MTD for adhoc reporting in OBIEE12c.

      we can somehow achieve this in analytics.but for us we need them to create in rpd for adhoc reporting.


      we have built time series hierarchy and rolling months rolling weeks everything works out even MTD worked well for us as we have used todate for MTD.


      Can someone please let me know on how can we create previous month MTD and previous year same month MTD in rpd.

      consider Current_date as 29-Mar-2019


      MTD                                            PMTD                                          PYMTD

      1Mar 2019-29Mar 2019           1Feb2019-28 Feb2019             1Mar 2018-29 March 2018


      above scenario should work when we add date column in the report.

      my sample report have below columns

      Month     Date  BaseMeasure  MTD  PMTD     PYMTD



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