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    FCCS journals not accumulating correctly to Essbase


      When more than one journal is impacting the same POV combination, upon posting, the balances in FCCS Essbase do not match the sum of the posted journals.  This issue is intermittent and has been unable to be reproduced in test pods.


      SmartView grids refreshed at the lowest (input) level show that cycling both entries to unposted clears the Essbase value to zero.  If posting a single entry with or without multiple entries to the same POV, the Essbase balance is accumulated correctly.  Once the 2nd journal in the same POV is posted, the Essbase balances are no longer correct as they either overlay the balance (rather than accumulate the two journals) or are ignored completely.


      The application was recreated from Artifact Snapshot and initially this appeared to resolve the accumulation issue, but it has reoccurred.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.