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    How do I get the translation of multiple pages (Not only the home page)


      Hi team.

      I'm working with OWCS v 11 translating a site from spanish to english. I have a CSElement who generates a link and changes the site 's dimension


      My problem is: I need to change the site 's locale from any page, but always redirects to the home page, and I don't want that. I want change the locale, and keep the same page. This is the code who generates the url, and the code block who redirects to the english dimension.



      Generates the url.




      Changes the dimension.

      Any Idea? I know I'm loading only the home page, and that is why always is going to redirects  to home page. I need to load any page where I press the language button, without only redirecting to the home page



      I use the locale filter of  First Site, and it works.