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    FDMEE runbatch.sh Failed with the error message of "Some error occured."


      We are trying to run the runbatch process in FDMEE for an openbatch.

      We have a batch definition set up called 'AMIL_Brazil_Real"


      Here is the information that we are getting when running in the batch mode using runbatch.sh:

      Thu 11 Apr 2019 01:35:38 PM CDT Run batch Load /hyperion/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/products/FinancialDataQuality/bin/runbatch.sh planadmin -f:/batch/etc/.planadmin.password AMIL_Brazil_Real

      Number of arguments: 4

      Argument 0: runbatch

      Argument 1: planadmin

      Argument 2: -f:/batch/etc/.planadmin.password

      Argument 3: AMIL_Brazil_Real



      Failed. Some error occured.


      When I then tried to go into the FDMEE Screens and execute the batch there is a message that states that "Error occurred".

      Any ideas as to what this means or where to look for more information?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.