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    Use "Visited Website?" for specific landing pages




      I have a question regarding the decision "Visited Website?" in campaign canvas.


      Is it possible to have it make the decision based on only one landing page?

      For example, lets say that i have several landing pages with product information, and after sending out a short email on all of them, if someones visits

      one of the landing pages with the information, they should be excluded from receiving information about that particular product, but continue receiving

      information on the other.


      My thought was here to use "Visited Website?" and if that is a NO, then send them a email about that product. If it is YES on the other hand, then move on

      to the next decision.


      Is this somehow possible to do?

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          Edina Popi

          Hi Alex,


          There are segmentation criteria for 'visited specific landing page' or 'visited any landing page'. You can use these as filters in your campaign canvas in decision steps to route people on another nurture stream if they visited one or another page.

          I hope this helps,


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            Thank you for your reply,


            This seems like one solution, but that would mean i would have to create 1 campaign for every landing page correct?

            Spinning off from your suggestion and looking into alternatives, would it also be possible to use Shared Filters? Seeing as i can make a decision step based on that right in the campaign canvas and keep it all inside 1 campaign?

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              Edina Popi

              Yes, you can use the shared filter option and build the whole logic in one campaign. Think about how you'll want to report on everything, is this one big nurture stream you are building or you want to see the campaign responses per product in different campaigns. Once you have that figured out you'll know how many campaigns to build. Either way, you can have all this within one campaign canvas as well. Let me know if you have any further questions.