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    How to get a Page Item to Display Below Region Content in an Interactive Grid


      Hello Community,


      I am using APEX  with Oracle 12c Database  & Google Chrome


      I am trying to get a Page Item to Display Below "Region Content" which in the Page Designer Under "Layout"  Section  it would be getting the "ITEMS" Below "REGION CONTENT"


      See Screenshots Below



      "Deposit Amount" is the Page Item... trying to get it to Display Below the Interactive Grid  Seen in an Example of Second Screenshots



      Looking to get it to Display like this



      Looking to get the ITEMS BELOW REGION CONTENT   --- I've Tried Changing Sequence and there is no option that I can see to Display  Page Item Below Region







      I Replicated this from another Page on this Page  The Item  is  Below Content Region and Displays Below the Grid






      This Displays as I want the Deposits  Page Item to Display Above






      If you need additional Details Please let me know


      Thank You