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    Behaviour of menu with the same page in two different menu entries

    Jose Aróstegui

      Hi experts,


      This should be very easy, but it's the first time i'm in this scenario.


      I'm using Apex 18.2 and I have an application in which the same page can be opened from two different menu entries.


      Menu entry A

        Menu entry A.1

        Menu entry A.2 <---

      Menu B

        Menu entry B.1

        Menu entry B.2  <---


      Suppose page 5 can be opened from A.2 and B.2.

      What is happening to me is that when I click on B.2, the page 5 is opened correctly, but the lateral menu is positioned in entry A.2  !... I need it to keep in entry B.2 which is I was expecting to be.