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    create iframe

      hi @all

      how can i create an iframe in that way that the left side of a page contains different links and the right side of the page show me the appendant page depending on which link was pressed?

      any ideas?

      thanks for help
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          i don't need help

          i have found the solution
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            And what is your solution I have almost the same problem.

            I've implemented the solution for the creation of dynamic menus for navigation.
            For some applications, I need to show static pages (somewhere
            on the server). How can I implement this so these pages are shown without
            losing my dynamic navigation ?
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              Same issue. I have an IFRAME that opens documents that are uploaded into a Customer Table to view however; my boss has now stated that he wants all the documents stored on MS Sharepoint. So I will have a link to the document instead.

              I was wondering how I can get the hyper link to the document to open the document in the iFrame window... here's my code as it stands now when using the custom table:

              v VARCHAR2 (200);
              v :=
              'SELECT '
              || '''<iframe src="#OWNER#.FILE_TABLE_DISP_PR?p_file='
              || :P1_DOCUMENT_ID
              || '"'
              || ' height="600" width="700"></iframe>'''
              || ' document_display'
              || ' FROM DUAL';
              RETURN v;

              (written by Denes Kubicek and modded by mike long (very little modification that is)...

              The procedure is:

              create or replace PROCEDURE "FILE_TABLE_DISP_PR" (p_file IN NUMBER)
              v_mime VARCHAR2 (48);
              v_length NUMBER;
              v_file_name VARCHAR2 (2000);
              lob_loc BLOB;
              SELECT mime_type, blob_content, NAME, DBMS_LOB.getlength (blob_content)
              INTO v_mime, lob_loc, v_file_name, v_length
              WHERE ID = p_file;
              -- set up HTTP header
              -- use an NVL around the mime type and
              -- if it is a null set it to application/octect
              -- application/octect may launch a download window from windows
              OWA_UTIL.mime_header (NVL (v_mime, 'application/octet'), FALSE);
              -- set the size so the browser knows how much to download
              HTP.p ('Content-length: ' || v_length);
              -- the filename will be used by the browser if the users does a save as
              HTP.p ( 'Content-Disposition: filename="'
              || SUBSTR (v_file_name, INSTR (v_file_name, '/') + 1)
              || '"'
              -- close the headers
              -- download the BLOB
              WPG_DOCLOAD.download_file (lob_loc);
              END File_Table_Disp_Pr;

              (again, same reference to the D MAN... who is the APEX MAN)...

              Now, if I no longer need to upload the document to the custom table and I just have to reference it as a link then do I still need the Procedure to open a document in the IFRAME using only the link?

              Right now the report on uploaded documents stores the ID in a hidden field. When I click on the PDF File It then puts that ID into the hidden field and then the procedure references it to open the file in the IFRAME...

              I hope this is enough information and any assistance would be most greatly appreciated...


              Mike Long