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    Large payload issue in B2B Console.


      Hi Guys,


      I am using one of the B2B property "<bpelx:toProperty name="b2b.largePayload">boolean('true')</bpelx:toProperty> " in order to store the processed file in a certain directory in case of large payload like 9 mb we have configured at B2B console in configuration tab also can you see below  screen shot.





      But we couldnt received any file which has large payload could you suggest me still what's configuration  need to be done In order to process the file in to respective directory.


      This issue is happening for While I kept in refernce side as B2B   Adapter.

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          Martien van den Akker



          In your screendump I see that you use Windows and in the large payload folder you use backslashes:

          While in the callout directory you use forward slashes. Backslashes are used as escape characters in Java. So I'd first try to enter the directory with all backsplashes replaced by forward slashes.


          Like: C:/EURESB/SIT/EURB2B (can't read the possible rest of the path).