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    LOV Sorting in Form


      Dear All,


      I have LOV column in my form, below is query used . Oracle 10g.


      select distinct yy.c_activitypreauthid,member_id,yy.req_date

      from   prior_authorisation_details xx,xxnmcpos_pbm_request yy

      where  1=1

      and    yy.c_activitypreauthid = xx.preauth_id

      and    yy.pharmacy_key = (select distinct pharmacy_key from xxnmc_responsibility_pharmacy where  responsibility_id = 51338)--fnd_global.resp_id)

      and    yy.req_date >= sysdate - 10

      --and    member_id = '123'

      --and    req_date > '01-DEC-2018'

      order by req_date desc --,  member_id , req_date desc


      The same is created as LOV in form, when i form is not sorting as required. In the toad it is properly sorting in form is not sorting.


      Please help me