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    WebUtil for Oracle Forms 6.0.8


      Hello everyone,


      I'm tired, just tired trying to figure out a way to transfer files from user machines to a dabase table or, at least, to a server directory.

      It seems such tasks are fullfiled mostly using WebUtil functions, but I am under a very old version of Oracle Forms (6.0.8). As such WebUtil is not integrated, and I cannot to find a guide to configure it on this old version of Oracle Forms.

      If WebUtil is not configurable on this old version, is there any simple alternative? (APEX is not a simple one)


      I am stuck on this for days now and it is starting to get me really tired, any help is much appreciated!

      I mean, for god's sake, why can I so easily manually insert BLOBs into my database using SQL Developer's user interface, while I can't find functions to call in my codes to do the same task! Ugh...