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    OBIEE - Analysis Location, Usage, Interaction Clarification

    Cameron Loepker

      OBIEE Version: Oracle Business Intelligence


      Hello Board,


      I am in a new environment where they use OBIEE Version: Oracle Business Intelligence We have a 'Usage Tracking' report that tells us when the last time a report/dashboard was accessed and by whom. We have many old reports that are now outdated, and either need retired or need updated to reflect current data.


      I have not worked in OBIEE for a few years now, and am in need of help in determining a few things:


      How to tell where a report lives: to my knowledge that would be the path in the catalog. Correct?


      How to tell if a report is a drill down?


      How to tell if there is some interaction somewhere where that report is being using?


      My main goal is to be able to tell my boss, these reports do not have any further interactions and will not break anything upon retirement and i know that for 100% certainty.