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    PaaS to SaaS Integration (to access Oracle APEX pages from SaaS)

    Sateesh Gudapati

      Hello Experts,


      I am trying to integrate Oracle APEX application/Pages(Developed in Oracle PaaS) to Oracle SaaS. Please review below steps.  If below steps are not right approach to integrate, Please suggest me what will be right approach for integrating PaaS Apex pages to SaaS.


      Steps did:

      1. We have created database in Oracle PaaS and enabled required ports for APEX development.

      2. Developed APEX application in Oracle PaaS Database.

      3. Now able to access APEX application as standalone.


      1. Created as 3rd party application

      2. Created new page integration

      3. Located the Icon for new page.


      But when i click on this Icon, Its saying 404-URL not found error.