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    Ajax call returned server error ORA-20987 , HELP PLEASE!


      Good afternoon, I am a beginner in oracle apex, I created an interactive grid using select in several tables making join between them, I would like to change data in the grid, however when entering a data and saving this error appears on the screen. How can I solve this?


      Error :

      • Ajax call returned server error ORA-20987: APEX - Process 'Horas - Save Interactive Grid Data' raised 'ORA-01733: virtual column not allowed here' while executing a DML command. This error can occur if a column is based on an aggregation or SQL expression. Set column attribute 'Query Only' to Yes to exclude the column from the INSERT and UPDATE statement. - Contact your application administrator. for .
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          Mike Kutz

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          DB Problem

          You can't modify Virtual Columns.


          You need to make sure APEX isn't trying to modify the columns automatically.

          Start by modifying the IG so that all of the Virtual Columns are READ ONLY.


          My $0.02