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    How do I delete expired domain with non-verified info from account


      I have a DynDNS Pro and Dyn Standard DNS Service account with a domain "formerly" registered with Dyn that I didn't verify the contact info for because the domain was going to expire soon and I didn't feel to need to verify the information.


      This seems to have been a mistake, because now that the domain has expired, I cannot delete the domain off my account because in place of the delete option it says I need to verify my contact info and/or contact support. I cannot seem to verify the information now and there is the added problem in that I keep getting nagging messages to verify the contact info for the expired domain.


      I have tried contacting support by email, but I keep getting a generic response and never actually any support. I have just set up another case a few minutes ago, but hopefully I can get some advice here would be appreciated.