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    WebHop redirect to Alternate Port for MS Remote Desktop Client


      Hi all,


      I cannot seem to get the redirect to work with Microsoft remote desktop client and the alternate port. The redirect seems to redirect, but it cannot connect through remote desktop. I have example.dyndns.org as my Destination Host and is updated with my current IP address (which I have been using for years). I access my home computer using example.dyndns.org:3399 with remote desktop just fine. I am trying to create a Visitor Host, visitorexample.dyndns.org, to access my home computer without needing the port number. I have created this with a WebHop to example.dyndns.org:3399, but the connection always fails. If I enter visitorexample.dyndns.org into a web browser it will error out saying that the page cannot be displayed and make sure http://example.dyndns.org:3399 is correct. So I can see that it is redirecting to the right address in the error (and it shouldn't be able to do anything in a browser, this was just a test to check on the redirect), but it errors out with remote desktop. I think part of the problem is that the WebHop contains the entire address including the http:// which is not used in remote desktop. If I use my Destination Host with the http:// included (http://example.dyndns.org:3399) in remote desktop, it gives me an error stating that I cannot use certain characters (:) in the computer name I am connecting to. Every time I try to have my WebHop address not include the http:// in my Dyn account it is automatically entered. Is there a workaround to have the WebHop redirect not include the prefix? Is there something else I am missing with getting this to work with remote desktop? I have been able to get a test Hostname with a WebHop redirect work on a web page, but I can't seem to get it to work with remote desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated!