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    QR Code Link Generator for e.g. Event attendance

    Tom Schreurs

      There have been several discussions on Topliners on how to use QR codes in Eloqua and how to combine them with Blind Form submits.

      I've decided to combine comments from these topics and create an online QR Code Link Generator with which you can easily generate links for e.g. Event Registration / Attendance.

      For this I've used the original Blind Form Submit posted by Sterling Bailey-Oracle. Minor bugs removed, added enchancements, updated UI and added QR functionality.



      - Generate a QR Code (through Google QR API)

      - QR Code Includes a Blind Form submit which will update Contact Fields (to e.g. mark a contact as "attended").

           - You can add up to 4 Contact Fields to be updated.

           - (in development) QR Code size can be customised.

           - (in development) QR alt tag can be entered.

      - Ability to test functionality online, directly test a QR code which you want to use with any e-mail address (as long as it exists in your Eloqua instance).


      Example use case:

      - Customers submit a form that they'll attend your event

      - They receive a confirmation e-mail with a QR code

      - The QR code is scanned at the entrance. (Either print the email or show the QR code on a mobile device.)

      - Any Eloqua Contact fields will be updated through the Blind Form submit (e.g. guest is registered as "attended").


      If you want to play around with it, go ahead! There is also a build-in function which immediately displays the QR code which you can test directly (as long as you've set up the correct form and fields)


      It is still in development but the beta version can be found online: http://qrcode.ineloqua.com/.

      Link to the instructions is included on the site.

      Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 12.07.16.png



      Let me know what you think, which additional functionality would you like to see? Found bugs? Comments in general, all are welcome.


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