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    CustomScanManager not being used with MSCA Mobile app

    Arni Thor



      We have been using xxx.custom.CustomScanManager class for many years with the common Telnet Clients on handheld devices.

      The latest is the Velocity android app and the class is working well.


      A while ago our clients wanted to use the MSCA (Mobile Supply Chain for EBS) android app.

      So we installed that on a few android based handheld barcode scann deviced (Symbol TC70 and others) and tried the MSCA app.

      While we where trying out the new app on our developlement enviroment we came to the conclusion, after looking at the mobile t

      race files, that there is some difference on how the normal telnet clients work from the new MSCA android app.


      The normal telnet client trace showed that the CustomScanManager er being used (like is has been for years) but while using the

      MSCA app no traces where found of the CustomScanManager in the trace files. And clearly is not working when using the app.


      We have installed many patched that we thought might fix the issue but it has not.


      We are running EBS 12.2.7

      The mobile trace header: MWA Version

      Our mobile_key.ini and default_key.ini has the DATASTREAMINDICATOR=124 (pipe char | )


      Does anyone know why MSCA does not use the CustomScanManager class?

      Or if there is some settings that need to be set to activate the CustomScanManager with MSCA app?


      Best regards,

      Arni Thor