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      Hi everyone,


      I have problem with analysis in OBIEE 12c.

      I created analysis with UNIONN ALL and it is working ok and it looks like:



      And now I want see something like:


      ID || NUMBER || ROLE

      8462913 || II-2000-v7336 || INS, IND

      8462913 || MI-2010-v635350 || IND

      8462913 || POM-2018-t6262 || INS, IND


      Thats mean I want aggregate Role wth group by ID, NUMBER


      I think about something like that: EVALUATE_AGGR('LISTAGG(%1,%2) (ORDER BY %3 DESC)',saw_2,',',saw_2)

      But I have error that thhe instruction SQL must have Group by clouse.


      I try to convert formule to: EVALUATE_AGGR('LISTAGG(%1,%2) (GROUP BY %3)',saw_2,',',saw_2, saw0) but i still have the same error.


      Can anyone help me with formule for listagg in evaluate_aggr?