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    issue running OAF page from JDEVELOPER


      Hello Everyone,


      I am still somewhat new to when it comes to running pages from JDEVELOPER. I have been looking for tutorials on starting new workspaces/projects and running pages inside of those new workspaces, but so far all I come across are the generic HelloWorldPG tutorials provided in the Developer's guide.


      I have taken the main Maintenance Super User --> Work Orders tab, called /oracle/apps/eam/workorder/webui/EAM_EW_START_PAGE  (EAM_EW_START_PAGE.xml) from the EAM_TOP and added it to my oracle folder under MyProjects folder.


      But every time i right-click and press RUN, all I get is the following page in my browser with url as http://<IP>:8989/OA_HTML/runregion.jsp


      My end goal is really to test a new extended CO in the update work orders page.


      Can someone help? Any resources or advice is greatly appreciated!  I can provide more information if needed


      -Thank you!