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    how to refresh text_area item during PL/SQL process

    Fabrizio Delli Priscoli

      Hi all, I'm on APEX 19.1.

      I have on a page a textarea item in which I want to show all the points of my process.

      I have a button that recall a page process, a PL/SQL code process, in which I make many recalls to a database package.

      What I want is that between a package call I assign a value to my textarea item and it is refreshed.

      Is it possible ? Or in case is not possible is there a way to achieve this?

      Thanks all for collaboration,



      Here is example of my PL/SQL page process:



      :120_MY_TEXTAREA := 'FIRST CALL TO PACKAGE'||chr(10);


      if SQLCODE = 0 then

      :120_MY_TEXTAREA := :120_MY_TEXTAREA||'SECOND CALL TO PACKAGE'||chr(10);



      apex_error.add_error(p_message  =>'ERROR OCCURS: '||SQLERRM,p_display_location =>apex_error.c_on_error_page);

      end if;


      and so on....