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    Refresh Detail Interactive Grid with new data


      In a master-detail IG, details added by a server process - after initially accessing the page - are not displayed when selecting the master record - until I refresh the whole page.


      Is it possible to refresh the Detail grid to pick up new data from the server without submitting the page? A normal region refresh doesn't do this. I have tried several methods mentioned in other threads and IG blogs.




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          John Snyders-Oracle

          Hi Rick,

          How are you doing the refresh. I tried it with the Sample Interactive Grids app Edit: Master Detail page and it worked using


          apex.region("emp").refresh(); // change "emp" to your detail IG region static id.


          The user can always explicitly refresh with Actions > Data > Refresh

          You can do the same with:




          but it is really the same as the simpler statement above.


          You may also want to set the cache size as well.

          when the page loads call


          With the cache size set to 1 as long as you don't go back and forth between two master records it will always get new data.

          There is an issue that keeps you from being able to set the cache size to 0.