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    APEX doesn't get the Default Value from DB?

    Jennifer Tifani

      Hi all,


      in my table I put a default value 0 NOT NULL.



      ID             NUMBER(11)NOT NULL,

      NR             VARCHAR2(8)NOT NULL,


      IST            NUMBER(6,2) DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,

      SOLL           NUMBER(6,2) DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,

      DIFF           NUMBER(6,2) DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL



      If I run this statement in SQL Developer, it will save 0 in the Columns IST, SOLL and DIFF

      insert into POST(ID, NR, BEZEICHNUNG) VALUES (SEQ_DIENID.NEXTVAL, 'AA JTD', 'von sql developer');


      In my APEX Application IF I didn't define any default value in those Columns, it won't get the Default Values which are already defined in the database.


      My question is: Do I have to set everytime the default value in each Column in APEX, even though Default Values are already set in the database?


      Thanks for any input.

      Best, Jennifer