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    Opera Mobile from LAN

    Milan M.

      Hi everybody


      Is there some way around to make Hotel Mobile App work from Local Network? We are experiencing some problems in one Property. Mobile application is working from LTE networks and any internet outside of hotel network. Do i have to make additional changes on IIS bindings or somewhere else to make it work also from internal network.

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          Erwin van der Zon

          Hello Milan,


          It really depends on the setup and used network infrastructure but i think the easiest thing you can try is to create a local entry in your dns server to internally 'publish' the external url and point it to the internal ip address of the iis web server.

          You can use the following steps assuming you're using a windows dns server


          1. in dns management console unfold your server
          2. unfold Forward lookup zones
          3. Right mouse click on Forward lookup zones and select new zone
          4. Click next in the wizard until you need to fill in your zone name
          5. Enter the full dns name you use in the app e.g.  hotelmobile.domain.com so without https and /Restapi etc only the dns name
          6. Do not use automatic updates and finish zone creation
          7. unfold the new domain en right mouse click on this new domain and click New Host (A or AAAA)
          8. In the New Host leave Name empty, only fill in ip address with internal ip of iis server, uncheck PTR record and enter 0:0:5:0 in the TTL screen and click on add host.


          After these steps when you type ping hotelmobile.domain.com you should get replies from the internal ip address. This way you can use an external dns name internally.


          When you want to remote this you can remove the hotelmobile.domain.com zone and everything is back to normal.


          Good luck.


          Erwin van der Zon

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            Milan M.

            Hi Erwin


            thank You for your reply. I will contact hotel IT manager so we can try configure DNS the way You suggest. I will let You know if this worked the way we want.


            Kindest regards

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              Erwin van der Zon

              Hi Milan,


              Any luck with this?




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                Milan M.

                Hi Erwin.


                No, thing is, they are not using windows dns, but Mikro Tik. I found several links how to configure it, but their IT Manger is, lets say a little odd and confused most of the time

                I even offered myself to configure it, but he doesnt want to give me access to his network, even when i was on site with him. They have 4 different public IP adresses, and he cannot separate this one where Opera Mobile is, from other 3. They are aggregated over same phisical device even if he has 3 different Mikro Tik. I believe that he doesnt know how to do it,and he wont admit it. they ordered new Fortigate Firewall, and his plan is to use it to fix this issue. I havent replied to this post, because i was hoping that he will eventually let me help him...

                I am gratefull to You and for your interest in all this. I will certainly update You once he(or we) fix this.