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    Keep receiving invoice overdue emails


      We keep receiving invoice overdue notifications for a couple months. We have paid our invoice in full in April but we are still receiving the automated message that we have to pay our invoice. I've opened up a case and left SEVERAL voice messages and emails sent and we have not received a response since May. This is frustrating and concerning as we don't want our account disrupted and I haven't gotten any assurances that everything is squared away, which obviously isn't the case since we are receiving these notifications.


      I need this addressed immediately as it's been 2.5 months and the lack of support is an issue. If there was an issue with payment itself (billing issue), we had been ready to work through this but nobody is helping here. This is the message we keep getting:


      From: Dyn Billing <Invoices_Do_Not_Reply@dyn.com>

      Date: June 10, 2019 at 6:03:53 AM EDT

      To: xxxx

      Subject: Oracle America, Inc. Account Past Due Summary (Do Not Reply)

      Reply-To: Invoices_Do_Not_Reply@dyn.com

      Dear xxxx Accounts Payable,


      We would like to inform you about the invoice past due situation on your account yyyyy. The following past due summary was prepared on 06/10/2019 and your account had total invoice balance of zzzz USD.


      Past Due Invoices in the Account:


      Invoice Number -  Invoice Balance -  Invoice Date -  Payment Term     -  Due Date     -  # of Days Past Due

      INVzzzzzz -  zzzzz USD    - 02/28/2019   -  Net 30           - 03/30/2019   -  72 Days Past Due


      Please note that these are automated notifications. If you want to update your own billing information, please call us at 603-663-0303. If you responded to a previous email concerning this outstanding invoice or you've already sent payment please disregard this email. You may also be receiving separate notifications concerning your outstanding account balance. We appreciate your business and understanding.


      Please do not reply to this email. The account is not monitored and we will not see your message. We're happy to help with any billing questions you may have! If we can be of assistance, please contact us at billing@dyn.com.


      We have been sending emails to billing@dyn.com and I've called the number provided, as well as the senior analyst assigned to the case. As a live person never picks up, I've had to leave messages. Our billing information is up to date and the email had been sent to our correct department. PO was issued back in April.