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    Help with managing a lot of LOV's


      I am creating a form that will have over 200 LOV's.  They are all very simple and I will be adding/removing fields to the form and changing the lookup values as requirements change, which I expect to be frequently.  I am looking for a way to make this as painless as possible.


      My current plan is to have a table that contains all of the LOV's; this way when there are changes to lookups or new lookups to be added it will be relatively easy to make the changes.  Each lookup will be based on the field_name so, my plan is for each field with a LOV I would make it a select list and add a select statement querying the LOV table where current  field_name = LOV field_name.


      This is a very cumbersome approach.  Is there a way I could create a shared LOV that could scrutinize the current field name? 


      I am relatively new to APEX, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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          An LOV can be based on a "Function returning a query". As a simple example, this function can be:


          function lov (i_item)

          return varchar2



            if i_item = ... then return 'select ....';

            elsif i_item = ... then return 'select ....';

            end if;




          Each item than has an LOV like this: